This law office specializes in arbitration, litigation and research.

Arbitration Department

We represent parties in arbitration proceedings on disputes involving:

Construction Arbitration

Foundation Works — e.g., bored piling, diaphragm, wall and pile testing

Structural Works — e.g., buildings and highrises

Horizontal Works — e.g., roads and bridges

Contract Arbitration

Questions of interpretation, execution and application of construction contracts and conflict of laws.

Labor Arbitration

Litigation Department

We act as counsel in any controversy in any court or administrative body, including:

Regional Trial Court, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court;

Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan;

Securities and Exchange Commission;

Maritime Industry Authority;

Department of Trade and Industry;

Department of Justice;

National Labor Relations Commission;

Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board;

Land Registration Commission, and

Other judicial and quasi-judicial bodies

Research Department

We conduct research on any subject of Philippine law, jurisprudence, pleading and practice, either as special undertakings or in connection with cases or projects handled by the firm.

Special Projects Department



register land titles,

register patents, trademarks and other intellectual properties;

apply for licenses and permits;

deal with any regulatory or administrative body


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