For actions involving title to or recovery of property or claims for sums of money, or any other kind of action capable of pecuniary estimation, the filing fee (money payable to the court as a condition for entertaining the action) is based on the total amount of money claimed or value of the property involved, following the formula:

First P400,000  2,250.00
For every P1,000 in excess of P400,000  Add  10.00

On the basis of the above rule of thumb, your filing fee may be computed as follows:

Type the total money claim or value of the property involved.
(Don't include commas in the amount.)
Your filing fee is :

SEC Filing Fee
The SEC formula for filing fees is as simple as follows:

1/10 of 1% of the amount claimed or prayed for:
Add 20% of the product
Add P100 process server's fee.

Type the total money claimed
(Don't include commas in the amount.)
Your SEC filing fee is :

Currency Converter
Convert Filing fee from Philippine Peso (PHP) to other currencies:

Filing Fee



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