We are a law office engaged in general practice with principal office located in Makati City, Philippines. On the one hand, we act as counsel to our clients in any proceeding; on the other, we also work as a research and consulting company, purveying all sorts of information and opinions on any question of law, politics and related subjects. Our field of practice ranges from construction arbitration to litigation in the regular courts and quasi-judicial bodies.

In the course of our litigation experience, our lawyers have been honed not only in the theory of the law as taught in the rarified isolation of the law colleges where monastic pursuit of reason and logic often divorces itself from reality but, more importantly, our lawyers have been trained in the practice of the law, as applied and tested in the crucible of advocacy.

In construction arbitration, we represent contractors in various kinds of controversies with project owners, engaged principally in the construction of foundation and vertical works, in which proceedings we have tackled legal and factual questions arising from disputes on the structural integrity of bored piles and diaphragm walls, the validity of pile dynamic tests, change orders, delay and other contract violations.

In court litigation, we represent parties in controversies of a purely civil nature, involving collection suits for sums of money, obligations and contracts, persons and family relations, ownership of real and personal properties, testate and intestate proceedings, citizenship and the like.

We also handle judicial and extra-judicial foreclosure of chattel and real estate mortgages, in which our clients are usually banks and financing companies.

In quasi-judicial bodies, we handle intra-corporate controversies involving corporations and stockholders before the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Department of Justice, the Ombudsman, the Toll Regulatory Board are only a few of government agencies where we have appeared and gathered experience.

We have also defended clients in criminal cases but this field of practice is only peripheral to the firm’s focus.

Our law office will advise you on the law, both in theory and in practice.As Justice Holmes said:
The life of law has not been logic, it has been experience."


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